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  Commercial Administration Services

The usual Commercial (Trade) Services transaction in today’s world involves the sale and delivery of an intangible product, called a service, between a producer and consumer. With ‘International Trade Services’, these services are usually between a producer and consumer in different countries, or economies. These services generally involve a considerable amount of cross border trade relationships and regulations that require liaison and regulatory compliance work as well as local administrative assistance and knowledge in of local compliance procedures. You can have total confidence in ANDER Group to guide you seamlessly through the complexities of these transactions.

As part of our services, we provide many international cross-border business ventures with a re-invoicing function in order to avoid having to staff their own operation in Hong Kong. Using a company established in Hong Kong (or elsewhere- see Corporate Services) we will prepare an invoice on your company's letterhead and bill the purchaser of the goods which have been shipped directly from the supplier in Asia. We will pay the supplier and collect the money on your behalf from the purchaser.

Our operations are fully computerized and this enables us to provide a complete billing service for Restaurants, Clubs and other organizations which do not rely upon cash transactions. Supplementing this is the collection of funds from members of these organizations and depositing them to bank accounts as instructed. In addition we pay the bills of many clients and act as either sole bank signatories on accounts or we can provide a dual signature for those requiring it.

In summary our Commercial Administration Services division can provide all types of trade documentation services including re-invoicing and coordination with all third parties involved. Our in-depth solutions help our clients to:

  • Manage a fully functional commercial back office in Hong Kong without employing or relocating staff

  • Introduction to commercial banks and institutions in Asia to arrange trade facilities for new and established businesses

  • Receive and implement sales and purchase orders and commercial documentations, such as L/C, D/P or D/A

  • Preparation and filing of import and export declarations to comply with trade regulations

  • Liaise with vendors, clients and factories/suppliers in China

  • Create commercial invoices on client’s company letterhead and liaise with vendors and customers

  • Prepare bills for collection and documents for presentation to banks

  • Liaise with banks and instruct banks as appropriate in accordance with commercial documents

  • Liaise with logistic companies and insurers on commercial shipments

  • Arrange and liaise with quality control inspectors in China

For a more detailed discussion, please contact Mr. William H. ARESON, Jr.,

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