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  Market Entry and Visa Services

Many companies successfully operate in a niche market without ever expanding into new markets. But there are many other businesses that achieve increased sales, brand awareness and business stability by entering a new market. Developing a market entry strategy involves a thorough analysis of potential competitors and possible customers. Some of the relevant factors that are important in deciding the viability of entry into a particular market include trade barriers, localized knowledge, price localization, competition, and export subsidies. Some of the most common market entry strategies are: directly exporting products, indirect exporting using a middleman, and producing products in the target market. While some companies prefer to develop their own their market entry plans, others outsource to specialized companies. The knowledge of the local or target market by those specialized companies can help mitigate trade risk.

We can help European business ventures to start their Asia expansion by setting up operations in Hong Kong and/or establishing a presence in China using a suitable vehicle. The nature of this vehicle will depend on the operation of the business venture. We also appreciate the desire of Asian families to benefit from the quality of life and education available in Europe. As a result we have concentrated on developing our ability to provide Market Entry Services (from Europe to Asia and from Asia to Europe) that will fulfil our clients’ wishes. These include:

  • We can facilitate the following in China:

    • Discuss and advise on developing an appropriate structure for China operations and assist in carrying out necessary market research

    • Assist in conducting due diligence on potential partners (companies and individuals) in China

    • Assist in establishing Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises (WFOE), Joint Ventures (JV) or Representative Offices in China

    • Access, review and introduce to appropriate legal partners required in China for negotiating a proper structure

    • Assist in establishing banking relationships in China

    • Introduce appropriate professional partners in China for legal work, accounting work, tax filing work, and staff recruitments including work visas for expatriate staff as well as sourcing factory/office facilities.

  • Assist in obtaining right of abode and residence status in Switzerland and Panama

  • Assist in the financial maintenance and welfare of overseas students of Asian based families.

For a more detailed discussion, please contact Mr. Saji MATHEW,

Direct Tel No.: 852 2230 9302, Email: