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  Tax Advisory Services

Reliable tax advisory services can be only be delivered by a financial expert specially trained in tax law. Individuals and private enterprises rely heavily on tax advisors to minimize their taxation burden because they have little time or inclination to familiarize themselves with the complexities of tax law themselves.

As the fiscal requirements of Governments increase, tax compliance has become more complex and intrusive. Investment portfolio migration and asset acquisitions frequently involve tax authorities in several jurisdictions. The mitigation of unnecessary and frequently unwanted liabilities is essential. ANDER Group has a proven track record for developing innovative and safe solutions to optimize and protect our clients’ wealth. Through our network of associated international offices, we are able to provide our clients with an individual and professional service throughout Asia and Europe.

Our Tax Advisory Services include:-

  • Tax planning advisory services with appropriate corporate structures to suite the intended business purpose

  • Assess and review business requirements and accordingly maintain an appropriate corporate bank account structure

  • Preparation of periodic financial statements and advice on appropriate adjustments required to achieve the intended business purpose

  • Review operation and advice on appropriate documentation in view of Hong Kong tax implications

  • Assisting in liaising with external auditors for completion of audited management reports

  • Assistance in filing of statutory tax returns with appropriate authorities

  • Review of audited management reports and computation of tax obligations

For a more detailed discussion, please contact Mr. William H. ARESON, Jr.,

Direct Tel No.: 852 2230 9301, Email: